Vision Statement 

We are to train, equip and impart the anointing and gifts of the Holy Spirit to fulfill the Great Commission.

Who We Are

The Apostolic Network of Global Awakening is a missional network of churches and ministries uniting to advance the Kingdom of God. Together we are capable of doing more than we ever could apart. To that end, our Network aims to be a connection point for the senior pastors of churches and the senior leaders of itinerant ministries. Through the Apostolic Network, we are bringing together a company of men and women equipped to do Kingdom work across the globe. In addition to simple community, the Network provides resources and further training opportunities for those who bring their churches and ministries under our covering. 

In the early days of the Toronto outpouring, God called Randy to be a Fire Lighter, Vision Caster and Bridge Builder. This call rests upon the Network and its members.

Lighting Fires is the ministry of impartation and renewal of the Holy Spirit and His gifts to the people of God, particularly leaders.

Casting Vision is the vision of the Kingdom of God expanding most rapidly through commitment to power evangelism, which includes healing, deliverance, and the actualization of the gifts of the Holy Spirit in the Church.

Building Bridges refers to establishing relationships with apostolic leaders across the nations, both with Global Awakening and between each other.


Knowing and depending on God - The Lord reveals Himself to and through His Church; Christ in us is the hope of glory.

Prayer -This is our essential link in communing with God, the foundational work in global missions and the primary way of knowing how to accomplish His purposes on earth. 

Presence of God - Valuing and living in God’s presence and walking in deep intimacy with Him is vital for all ministry (John 12:50; 5:19). 

Pursuit of God - Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross was more than enough to wash away our sins and give us full access to God. However, we hunger and thirst for more of Christ to be revealed in our lives and ministry, for His glory (Ps. 63:1-3).

Relationships built by trust - Our relationship with God will overflow in life and ministry with other believers.

Integrity - Living out the truth of the Word of God humbly and consistently in love, in moral, financial and relational matters (Eph. 4:15).

Compassion - We are to extend mercy for the physical and spiritual needs of believers and unbelievers alike – for the poor, widows and orphans, etc. (James 1:27).

Unity - Jesus prayed that we would be one as He is one with the Father (John 17:21- 23). The synergy of oneness with Him, His purposes and one another release the greater power of unity (Levi. 26:8). As God’s people, we are to reflect His oneness in life, truth and power.

Diversity - Negotiable doctrines and practices allow the body of Christ to unify under the common banner of Christ’s death and resurrection. Our diverse national and ethnic origins, gift mixes, and worship experiences express His richness and glory

Covenanting - We partner together to uphold values, purpose and mission.

Evangelism - Sharing the gospel with others is the intentional overflow of a Christian’s life in God.

Equipping -  The purpose of five-fold ministry is to equip the saints for the work of ministry. 


The Network began as a way for Randy to recognize a growing number of people seeking a spiritual father. At a time when his ministry was focused on itinerant evangelism, Randy had three different people ask him to be their spiritual father. Each time, Randy turned them down. It took a word from Heidi Baker to open his eyes to this call on his life. She told him, “You are like a man that has gone all over the world and gotten women pregnant. And then you abandon your children because you are afraid of the responsibility.” Through the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, Randy is a father raising up a company of men and women. There is a call going out, and the leaders of the Network are answering.

Where You Fit

What we do for the Kingdom is larger than the calling on the life of a single person. Our Network provides a starting place, a gathering point for those being sent out to the front lines. By joining the Network, you will not only be partnering with Global Awakening and with Randy Clark, but also with other pastors and ministry leaders worldwide. You’ll be able to build relationships with other ministry leaders in your region, and by working together, expand the reach of your church or ministry. 

Benefits of Membership

  • Ongoing relationship with Global Awakening and other Network members 
  • Combined impact in missions Accountability through peer relationship and apostolic oversight 
  • Optional federal tax exemption for those who qualify 
  • Under some circumstances, the Ministry Team Training Manual will be translated for pastoral training. 
  • Prayer and advice from our Network Ambassadors
  • A covering for your church or ministry Access to regional gatherings, retreats, webcasts, and Global events
  • Global associates, interns, and Global School Awakening Teams are available for training and activation
  • A private Facebook group specifically for Network members
  • Leadership training for pastors and their staff


Members are asked, but are not required, to attend at least one Global Awakening event or trip each year. If the senior pastor or senior leader cannot attend, a representative from the church or ministry could take their place and take back a report of what they saw and experienced.

Try to have one Global Associate visit your church within the first year of membership (expenses and honorarium would be covered by the host church or ministry).

Members should submit a yearly administration fee by January 31 each year of membership.

Members are also required to participate in financially supporting ANGA at some level. This can be done as an annual or monthly donation. We do not ask for a percentage as some networks do, but leave this decision up to the member’s discretion. There is no specific amount expected, but we ask each member to pray and determine the contribution they can make.

Members must conduct their personal life, family, finances, and ministry in agreement with the principles and moral standards of Scripture. They should hold an exemplary reputation and testimony with those outside of the body of Christ. If there is evidence of questionable testimony (an ungodly lifestyle, sexual misconduct, financial misappropriation, or constant divisive behavior) the member must submit to a process of discipline/restoration in relationship with the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening. If members will not comply with the discipline process, affiliations may be withdrawn at any time.

Federal Tax Exemption for Network Churches and Ministries

Through our affiliation with The Apostolic Resource Center (ARC), qualifying ANGA churches and ministries can receive federal tax exemption by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Through participation in ARC’s group tax exemption, members can operate as a tax-deductible, non-profit organization at a fraction of the cost and time typically required for an entity to receive its tax-exempt determination from the IRS.

Can any ANGA member participate?

Not all members will qualify for group tax exemption. One basic requirement is the need for the member to have been formed within the last 15 months. For more details and a complete list of the IRS requirements, please contact our office.

How can I apply?

Due to the additional requirements associated with group tax exemption, ANGA members must complete a separate application. Please contact our office to receive the group tax exemption application.

What fees are involved?

There is a non-refundable application fee for the group tax exemption application in addition to the application fee for prospective ANGA members. Additionally, a onetime, setup fee is due upon acceptance into the group tax exemption program. Lastly, inclusion in the program must be renewed by the member annually, subject to the requirements listed below.

Are there any ongoing obligations for members that participate in the group tax exemption program?

Yes, to continue to participate in the program members must provide the following by July 31 of each year: (i) payment to cover the administrative fees associated with the program; and (ii) an annual report detailing the status of your ministry, including a financial snapshot for the previous year (as required by the IRS).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I qualify?

If you are the senior pastor of a church or lead an active para-church ministry, chances are you qualify. If the church or ministry you lead qualifies for a 501(c)3, you qualify for the Network. You can also qualify for the Network as a missionary.

I use my business to minister in the marketplace. Does this qualify?

Unfortunately, no. Our Network is not currently set up to support marketplace-style ministries.

How often do Network members hear from Randy Clark?

In addition to the Network meetings before each Voice of the Apostles and Voice of the Prophets, Randy makes time to host a Network-specific luncheon or dinner at U.S. conferences. We also hold Network-only webcasts where members can tune in to ask questions and submit prayer requests directly to Randy Clark, Tom Jones or other guests.

Does the Network provide ordination and licensure?

Yes. Licensure and ordination are available for qualifying Network members. Applicants must be in the Network for at least six months in order to apply for credentialing and are expected to maintain active membership with the Network. Members who leave the Network also lose their credentials.

Do I have to leave my current denomination?

Certainly not! We do ask you to identify who you are primarily accountable to.

Are speakers from ANGA available to minister in my church?

Tom Jones and Charity Cook are available to minister on behalf of the Network. Contact to schedule a time. We also have Global Associates who are available to speak at your church or ministry. Finally, we have Global School Awakening Teams available to minister at churches and ministries each spring. For more information, please contact our office.

I want to be under the covering of ANGA, but my church isn’t ready. What do you suggest?

Please check with our office. While individuals typically do not qualify for the Network, exceptions can sometimes be made.

I have a church and a ministry. Will my membership cover both?

Network membership will cover a single church or ministry. You would need to choose one or the other to join the Network, or submit applications and fees for both.

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