Licensing Requirements:

  • Network Member for 6 months or more.
  • 7 Classes from the Global Awakening College of Ministry: 
    • Heartbeat of the Old Testament
    • Interpreting the New Testament 1 - Gospels and Acts
    • Interpreting the New Testament 2 - Epistles and Revelation
    • Leadership 101
    • Physical Healing 1
    • Renewal Theology
    • 20th Century Move of the Spirit
  • If you have a Masters of Divinity from Global Awakening Theological Seminary, you will not need to complete the above classes. 
  • Global Awakening Theological Seminary courses may qualify and will be reviewed on an individual basis. 
  • Approval of your application will be contingent on the completion of at least two of the above courses by the date of the ceremony. You will be issued a provisional license at your credentialing ceremony (VOP or VOA). You will have two years to complete the remaining 5 courses in order to renew or apply for Ordination. 
  • If you have taken Physical Healing 1 in CHCP, that would fulfill the Physical Healing 1 requirement from the College of Ministry.

Transfer of Ordination Requirements - Prior approval is required, please contact Network administration:

  • If you are currently Ordained under a mainline denomination (e.g., Baptist, Methodist, ect.) and would like to be Ordained under the Network, you would need to complete Renewal Theology, Physical Healing, and at least one additional course from the licensing list. 
  • A transfer of Ordination is not guaranteed and must have prior approval from the Network.

Ordination Requirements:

  • Licensed for at least two years
  • Seven courses completed
  • The Ordination will have a renewal process every 5 years. 

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