Licensing Requirements:

  • Network Member for 6 months or more.
  • 7 Classes from the Global Awakening College of Ministry: 
    • Interpreting the Bible
    • Heartbeat of the Old Testament
    • Heartbeat of the New Testament
    • Leadership 101
    • Physical Healing 1
    • Renewal Theology
    • 20th Century Move of the Spirit
  • If you have a Masters of Divinity from Global Awakening Theological Seminary, you will not need to complete the above classes. 
  • Global Awakening Theological Seminary courses may qualify and will be reviewed on an individual basis. 

Transfer of Ordination Requirements:

  • The completion of Renewal Theology, Physical Healing plus any 1 additional course from licensing list depending on your need.

Ordination Requirements:

  • Licensed for at least two years
  • 7 courses completed
  • Ordination will have a renewal process every 5 years. 

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